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As a responsible global employer present in 33 countries, Valeo’s human resources strategy forms part of its sustainable development policy and centers around human capital development, workplace health and safety, employee engagement and well-being, attracting new talents as well as promoting diversity.

Working at Valeo (at end December 2018)


Expatriates in 31 countries


Women make-up 32% of our workforce


Appointed Valeo Experts* worldwide



*A Valeo Expert has the status of a manager with additional technical responsibilities, and provides support for prospective new products and the development of industrial processes.

Attracting talent and developing and retaining internal talent are top priorities at Valeo and vital to our growth strategy. We develop our employees to their fullest potential through individual development plans and offer ample opportunities for internal and international mobility. 4,549 engineers and managers benefited from career development actions in 2018. We work hard at building a strong employer brand worldwide and online, through employee feedback and the Well-Being at Work program.

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Workplace health and safety

We work to ensure an accident-free environment for employees that meets high health and safety standards, through external systematic audits and continuous assessment of safety performance.


Promoting social dialogue to cultivate adaptability, through working councils and formal bodies representing employees and unions.

Corporate culture that values diversity

Valeo firmly believes in the importance and relevance of broader diversity at all levels and in every profession within the company, not only as a question of social responsibility, but also as a tool for performance. We keep diversity in mind when attracting, integrating and retaining new engineers and managers.

Within the Group, we understand and take advantage of the impact of diversity while using mobility solutions by, for example, creating cross-country working groups on digitalization and sustainability.

Considered as a key factor for sustainable growth, diversity is without a doubt, an integral part of the Valeo culture. We actively promote:

  • Gender diversity – Promoting the robust presence of women throughout all levels of our organization
  • Disability diversity – Promoting the employment of people with disabilities

  • Generational diversity – Fostering an environment in which four generations can work together

  • Workforce

  • Cultural and social diversity – Recognizing cultural and social diversity as a performance factor that should be nurtured and structured

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Training

In 2016, following the decision of the European Works Council to tackle the issue of deploying sustainability and CSR principles, Valeo put in place a robust CSR training program in each country where we operate. Managers and labor representatives gathered together during this training to discuss and exchange opinions on promoting sustainability at each site.


In 2018, a new Group approach known as the “Disability Management Approach” was implemented. This organization is aimed at the inclusiveness of workers with disabilities. From now on, and based on the existing French model, a duo of disability liaison officers is present on each site. Composed of an employee from Human Resources and a volunteer employee, they have an advisory role for employees identified as workers with disabilities, and oversee their needs.

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